Welcome to the Blogosphere

God that title just feels so 90s. I can’t help myself. Born in 91, I am well aware that I am living with the last vestiges of 90s culture left.  Or at least all that’s left before it cycles back into popularity again.

Anyway, such is the case with I’m sure every other person starting a blog in January this year, this is kind of a New Years resolution of mine.  There are lots of big changes happening in my life this year, and I figured it’d be great to start a journal – and what place is better to share my innermost thoughts and feelings than online, where everybody can read it?

Seriously though, I have no assumptions that this blog will reach any level of popularity beyond my own future self reading back over my idiocy and giggling.  Slightly-older me is obviously vastly more sophisticated than present me, in case you were wondering. I’m also hoping her skin is less temperamental and her bank account is significantly fatter, but I guess there’s no promises in life.

I guess the basics would help, right? Well right now I’m 24 years old, recently graduated, still living at home.  My first real job starts next month, and it really hasn’t sunk in yet that I’ll be paid for doing what I love, every day.  I’m a midwife, by the way. I have the honour and privilege of helping to welcome babies into the world, and women into motherhood.  It’s a pretty sweet gig.  Messy, sure, but sweet nonetheless.

I can’t help but anticipate that this blog will be a mess of different things – maybe bits of my photography, maybe book reviews, maybe my personal playlists, outfit posts, personal essays (rants, let’s be honest here), maybe not much at all.  But I figure there’s no better place to start than right here, even if words don’t convey a whole heap of clarity at the moment.

Signing off,

xx Nikki

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