2016 Bucket List

So instead of making resolutions, which I’m likely to give up on before January even hits it’s halfway point, I’ve made a list of goals to try and complete by the end of the year – a bucket list, for 2016.  Some of them are ongoing, some of them are one-time accomplishments, but hopefully they will all be completed or at least partially completed by this time next year.

I like to record these publicly, in the hopes that peer pressure or even the idea of peer pressure will be enough to help me achieve them.  So here goes:

  • Eat a vegetarian diet for a month
  • Move out of home
  • Write the first draft of a novel
  • Have a real Christmas tree
  • Drink water more than anything else
  • Read at least 52 books
  • Try (or at least consider!) online dating
  • Bake a rainbow layer cake
  • Start a blog, consider vlogging
  • Practice mindfulness or meditate often
  • Join a gym and/or get a PT
  • Keep track of all the babies I deliver
  • Use my DSLR in manual mode
  • Write letters to Riley and Katie at least monthly
  • Read Anna Karenina
  • Go berry or fruit picking
  • Live by the motto “Just Say Yes”

Some of these have been New Years Resolutions prior, with no real success – but with 2016 looming and so much change on the horizon, what better year to give it a real crack?

Anybody out there in hypothetical-internet land have any resolutions or goals for this year they’d like to share?

xx Nikki

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