Sirromet Winery

Well it’s official – there is just one more month of holidays left for me before I start my “real adult” job.  My mum is currently on holidays as well – she works at a school, which means we’ve had the last few weeks to just hang out together which has been mostly lovely.  Our Gilmore Girls binge-watching session is going particularly well – four seasons down, in the space of about three weeks.

But today, we decided to venture outside of the house.  We already had a lunch date booked with some friends, but took a little detour to the Sirromet Winery on our way.  Up at Mt Cotton, Sirromet is usually crazy busy.  I’m talking cars double parked, bring a picnic blanket because there’s no hope at a table, almost panic-attack level crowds, kind of busy.  Luckily for me, being mid-morning on a Friday, it was lovely and quiet – my favourite kind of day.


We took a little walk around the grounds first – saying hello to the friendly kangaroos who were a little shy, and stopping to smell the flowers.  The blue sky and sunshine on my face were so lovely and refreshing, and I could just imagine that open field jam-packed with people when Sirromet has their Day on the Green concert series.  We headed back up to the little cafe and checked it out.  The antique barrels furnishing the place are a lovely touch, but I was particularly taken by the adorable little bear-shaped bottles of local honey for sale at the cash register.


We only stayed for about half an hour before we had to be on our way again, but Mum suggested we sneak in morning tea before we left.  Forgoing the traditional cheese platter associated with most wineries, I walked by the ice-cream case and couldn’t resist their amazing flavours on offer.  Apple pie ice-cream, served in waffle cones – a perfect way to end a gorgeous albeit quick trip to the winery.  I definitely have plans to head back later on this year for a tour or tasting!


So cheers, with ice-cream, to my last month of freedom!

xx Nikki.


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